Quantitative Investment Strategies for Diverse Market Environments

MER Capital Management is a money management firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. We specialize in providing quantitatively managed equity portfolios to individuals, institutions, and other investment advisory firms through separately managed accounts and model portfolios. Through our systematic, factor-based investment approach we seek to provide our clients with superior long-term risk-adjusted returns.

How We Invest

Investment Philosophy

We believe in creating quantitative stock investment strategies based on fundamental factors that historically have been associated with superior stock returns. Our strategies are...
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Our Process

The central thesis to our investment process is that certain key factors associated with individual stocks dictate their long-term returns. Or to put it another way, stocks that possess certain key...
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Our Strategies

We offer the following quantitative investment strategies to individuals, institutions, family offices and other investment advisory firms through separately managed accounts and...
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Articles & Insights

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