We specialize in providing separate account sub-advisory solutions to other investment advisory firms and family offices.

Through our sub-advisory platform, we create a partnership with your firm whereby we provide your clients with access to our quantitative investment strategies while leaving the client experience and relationship management squarely with you.

Our sub-advisory platform provides a unique offering to financial advisors and family offices who want to incorporate the benefits of risk-managed, factor-based stock investment strategies within their client portfolios.

Model Portfolios

In addition to our sub-advisory solutions, we also make our quantitative investment strategies available to other investment advisory firms and family offices through certain custodian and third-party sponsored Model Manager and Unified Managed Account Platforms.

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To learn more about our sub-advisory and model portfolio services and how we can help your firm, please contact Mark Ricardo, President and Chief Investment Officer, at 703-740-1765 or


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